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Mystery Gift or Holiday Gift Boxes - Dice and Goodies Await!

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Get a value and a wrapped gift for your Lover, Friend, or Foe! These packages are a deal with items guaranteed their price and more! Your package options come in at $30-70 values, each in a cute pre-wrapped gift box that folds with a lid that opens or closes. Dimensions are 4x4x2" in white or natural beige.

We can arrange these quickly to your liking to some degree; we offer many different wrapping sheets that peek through the window lid. Design can be from Marvel to Paw Patrol and more, even Birthday, Most Holidays, or upcoming Easter! Just message us and we'll communicate quickly to discuss what you want; to include even ideas on your mailing envelope or any special requests. (i.e. we've put heart stickers on the mailing package before too)

These boxes typically have a $15 minimum savings in product vs retail purchase. Don't wait, get your sweetheart, friend or DM a gift quickly by mail! Let us know your sweetie's favorite color and we'll personalize the gift box just for them! Let us know their character preference and we can target the package for that too. i.e. player is a Cleric or DM. We can personalize your order too, just message, we don't bite and we'll be of excellent service to you.

Gift options can include a dice rolling tray, dice rolling tower, dice of any sort (metal, resin, liquidcore, hollow, plastic, and more!), stickers, pins, jewelry, dice cases, candy, and more. These are intended overall a mystery but feel free to specify any "wish list" items desired.

Returns are up to Management's discretion; customer would be responsible for shipping item(s) back and any associated costs; most returns are allowed first for store credit of merchandise price paid. Message us, we are flexible and kind, we want you happy; just communicate with us please.

Choose your price and box color, we do the rest! 

**Please advise of any allergy restrictions (for example, i.e. peanut allergy to avoid candy products that may contain nuts.)