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Lime Green LiquidCore Dragon Eye Sharp Edge, Aqua Green Resin Dice Set

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This set is a natural wonder, as we just can't seem to keep them in stock long enough!  Their golden dragon eye's peek into your soul and have an independent inner center so the eye jiggles with each roll.  Their clear liquid inners are also very mesmerizing and allows you to get lost for a moment when you look at them as the green hues enchant you. Their numbers are beautifully etched with gold numbering for easy to read plays. 

Get your buddies interested in your dice choices with these baddies.  You won't regret it!  Check out our inventory for our other collections with the revolving dragon eyes!

This set is for a limey-green eye with a mint-greenish blue hue of clear resin. We also have a teal-blue tone with the eyes that have red, orange, and yellow hues to them. Compare and make sure you get 1 or both! Here's the link for our teal set: