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Esty Way Gaming

Master of the Universe, Ultimate Premium Mystery Package

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Feed your most ultimate thirst and hunger, with our very special package meant for the most elite player or one wanting everything possible.  This Most Ultimate, Premium Mystery Package will provide a huge variety of desirable goodies for any dedicated player. 

Selections can include, in any combination, rolling trays or towers, jewelry, resin or metal dice, hollow dice, 3D printed items, unique and nearly royal items that will know you hit the jackpot with your selection as we will offer you the most for your dollar and provide such a thrill as you see all that's in store in this very exquisite package. This package will make you the envy of all your comrades and enemies.

If you desire less excitement, or at a more affordable price point, then look at our other mystery packages that will make you see why these little treats are our best sellers.  All Premium Mystery Packages are not allowed for return or exchange, all sales are final for any Premium Mystery Packages as we are certain you will be delighted.