Complete Set of Red Healing Potions for 5e - Glass

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These cute little jars are just what you need for all your Underdark Healing, to include Standard Healing, (2D4 +2), Greater Healing (4D4 +4), Superior Healing (8D4 +8) and Supreme Healing (10D4 +20).

Just roll and go, add your modifier and you'll be on your way to healing.  The dice are 10mm in size and are red with white numbering and an easy to close gold lid.

These potions derive from the Underdark City of Menzoberranzan from Faerun Forgotten Realms Stories.  Add these to your collection for a true complete healing set of potions.


Jars are made of glass, breakage not typical but use with discretion.  Keep small parts and toys away from small children.